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Information for all GPY guild members
Forum » Forums » Information for New Members - Please Read!
Joined: 8th Oct 2017
Rank: Guild Leader
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21st Oct 2017

Expectations to have a successful guild.

- First and foremost, remember that every player you meet is a person. Respect each other and treat them the way you would want to be treated. Help each other when you can. This includes running influence, dungeons, and general information. Do not talk trash or harass other players. If you see a problem with someone, take a screen shot and bring it to the attention of one of the guild leaders.

- Alliance rules. We have a lot of players from all over the world in the BTK alliance. Most members are great to play with, but there are some that can be jerks. BTK has a list of rules for proper etiquette or risk being banned. (1) Do not remove alliance members from groups without probable cause and screen shots. (2) When calling for dungeon runs, do not ignore members that respond. If they are not what you are looking for, then send them a tell as to why. (3) Do not beg for free items. If you need help getting an item please ask for assistance. (4) Alliance chat is PG so no profanity or drama. Take it to tells if you are having a problem with someone. Report any problems to guild leaders and take screen shots. (5) No harassment of alliance members in PvP zones.

- Guild marks equal astral diamonds. We do not require you to donate, but your donations will help the guild grow. You can earn guild marks daily with influence runs, donating shards from stronghold daily quests, and other donations. Use your guild marks to purchase mastercraft items, gear for your player, and food items. Experienced players will use GM to buy map scrolls from the general store. These scrolls can be used to farm resources on their respective maps. Activating the Explorers stronghold boon (once we have this built) will give double resources. Furthermore, during double professions events, you will be able to farm 4 resources at a time. After the double professions event, wait 1-2 months to list your items on the auction house for top AD.

- Influence. Every day you can earn influence by completing stronghold heroics. If you are not able to solo the T1 heroics, ask for help. There are normally higher level players on that can help get the influence run done. If you will be online for a few hours, it is fine to see if there are sponsored T3 influence runs since these give a chance at epic gear. Feel free to host a T3 run yourself on alliance chat if you like. The game recommends 3 players for T1 and 10 players for T3, so you may hear these referred as 3 man or 10 man influence runs. Most level 70 players are able to solo T1 heroics. There is a max of 400 influence gain per day. Completing 5 heroics of any level will give the max 400 influence. You can also "stack" influence for another day so long as you do not "open" the reward once you have 400 influence that day. You can also gain influence from other NPCs in the stronghold. The temple near Drake spawn will give 20 influence a day. Others will give as much as 100 influence for finding items like chipped cups or completing events in campaigns. You can earn 600 influence during Marauders once a week per character (see below).

- Stronghold daily quests. Every day you can talk to the NPCs in the stronghold to get daily quests. The Builder, Ranger, Cleric, and Master of Coin will provide quests. Some players will stack these quests and run them all at once. Any way you want to do them is fine. This is also a good way for lower level players to get easy experience. These quests include stronghold quests and dungeon runs. 

- Stronghold resources. We have 4 buildings in the stronghold that needs to be tended. These are the purple buildings on the map. These generate resources needed to keep the guild doors open. You can open the guild menu tab, R1 button over 2 times, and this will show the current resources. If the building has more than 2000, I suggest take a couple minutes to tend to them. Just go to the building on the map, click on the sign, and click Tend. It takes 2 minutes to hit all 4. These are located as follows: farm at The Millabout, lumberyard at Misty Hills, mine at Strongholg Height, and quarry at Homestead Outskirts. From time to time we will have a "Recruiter" up behind the guildhall near the farm. He will give influence to the coffer that is needed for upgrades.

- Guild title. Please make sure you uncheck "Use Alliance Title" box in your character sheet. This will show you are a member of G.P.Y. Be proud of your guild, and help recruit new players. The more members we have running around Neverwinter, the more player we can get to join us. More members will mean more resources, and faster growth to maxing our boons.

- Dragonflight. Every 2 hours the game has a free dragonflight event available. You may see a guild host these in alliance chat. All levels and players are able to attend these events. There are 4 dragons to kill. Red dragon is upper left corner of map at Giants heroic. Blue dragon is upper right corner of map at Drakes heroic, Green dragon is bottom right map at Beholders heroic, and Black dragon is bottom left map at No Sympathy heroic. You can earn vouchers to donate to the guild coffer, dragon fangs used to buy dragonflight gear in the stronghold, and the satisfaction of kicking dragon butt with your guildmates. Just make sure you watch the dragon health and stop attacking at 10% health. The DF leader will announce when to kill. It is a big bummer when a dragon gets killed too soon and everyone misses out on a 4 dragon kill. The rewards for this event are no longer as good now. The alliance will still host this about once a week, so feel free to join.

- Maruders. Every 2 hours opposite dragonflight is a free event to gain 600 influence once per week with each character you play. Like the dragonflight, you will want to have the help of the alliance to complete. An NPC will appear on the stronghold bridge to start this event. Loot will be placed at each of the stronghold exits, but only focus on the eastern exit. You only need to keep loot in one of the 3 to complete the event. Enemies will spawn from 3 different areas outside the eastern gate. All you need to do is kill the enemies before they can steal the loot. It can become a bit laggy from all the action. This takes about 15 minutes and will net another 600 influence for the guild. Please don't activate the event unless you have called out on alliance chat first and have enough help to succeed.

- Use Guild Chat and Alliance Chat. We understand this is a global game, and not everyone speaks English, but using Chat shows others that you are an active member of the guild. Say hi from time to time. Join dungeon runs. When an influence run is announced join in even if you have done influence for the day. Again, this can be stacked for the next time you are online. Show the officers that you are not a robot by engaging in some normal conversations. Again, we want to have a family of players working together to grow. Family members talk to one another - at least some of the time.

- Alts. Guilds have a limit to the number of members. There are also limits to the total number of characters. As a result, we may need to limit alt characters to senior level members. It is expected the senior members are more active in the guild, thus they get the benefit of more characters. We want all members to earn senior member status. You can earn rank by being active and contributing. The higher your rank, the more alts you will be allowed to join the guild. If we need to remove alts, do not take it personally. It is better for the guild to have 150 very active players with 1-2 characters, than to have 50 active players with 3-4 characters. 

- Vacation. If you will be away from the game for more than a month, please let us know in game or on the forums. We will be monitoring activity on a regular basis to make sure we keep the best players in the guild possible. Everyone deserves a break. Just make sure to let us know when you will be away. If you feel you were kicked from the guild unfairly, then message one of the leaders.

If you have any questions at all, please ask in game or here in the forums. We will continue to adjust the content here to help make everyone a better player. 

Guile, Frost, Dr Feelgood, Tanks for Nuttin, My Pal Adin, Stranger Danger, Temptation, The Great Cornholio, Buffalo Soldier

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Forum » Forums » Information for New Members - Please Read!
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