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Under level 70
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22nd Oct 2017

If this is your first character, please take the time to go through each quest. This is generally a good story line and worth doing. Yes, you can jump ahead to new areas before finishing but you will miss out on the full game. The developers took the time to create this content and it should be enjoyed. For your alt characters, feel free to jump through to new areas willy nilly. My tank is currently level 70 and only finished 3 quest lines getting there.

Do try to finish Blacklake and Neverdeath Graveyard for the free bags. Benign Order of the Third Eye will also give a free bag. If you buy the Dragonborn pack (watch for sales of up to 50% off), this will give a free bag to all your characters.

Do not worry too much about item levels and gear when under level 70. You can switch out as you get better stats, but do not focus too much on specific stats. Once you reach level 70 you will want to pay attention to what type of build you want and go for gear accentuating those specific stats. Sometimes the game "recommended" gear will not be the best gear for your build. You can start with for different builds.

You can get 3 artifacts for free. The artifact recovery quest will give you a choice of artifacts. Most feel the Lantern of Revelation is the best one to choose here. You will also get Bruenor's Helm artifact during the Dwarven King quest. At level 60 you have access to the Vault of the Nine quest. This will give you a class specific artifact. Once you have completed the Vault of the Nine quest, you can get any unlocked artifacts for any of your other characters at the rewards vendor in Protector's Enclave.

As for leveling up your character, make sure you have Azure enchantments in your utility slots, as this gives a bonus to experience gain. Running through the quests and doing daily stronghold quests also give good experience. Watch for the occasional double experience periods in game. You can check the calendar in game to see what events are scheduled.

You do not need to grab every drop. Some like to sell items, but you will find over time you will get plenty of gold. While you are going through the quests, you should grab any blue drops first and green second. Often I find I did not need to constantly change out gear in every new area. If you are starting to have trouble staying alive in a new area, then you likely need to get better gear.

You can send mail to yourself. Why would I want to do this you may ask? It can be used as extra bank slots. Each mail can hold 5 items. Now you will only be able to send items that are not bound to character, but this is still a great way to park extra gear and enchants. You can also use it to, you know, send mail and items to other players also.

Buy VIP. This is universally considered worth the money. You can either farm for Astral Diamonds and convert this to Zen in game, or buy it on PSN with real money. You can sometimes get free % off coupons when invoking to get discounts on VIP. Also watch for sales in the Zen Market. You can combine the coupons with the Zen discounts to get even better returns. VIP will give you a free daily lockbox key. As you get higher VIP rank, you will gain other benefits that help you in game. Open the VIP tab in the game menu for details.

Consider buying an Epic (purple) mount in the Zen Market. All your characters will be able to use this. Mounts found or bought on the Auction House will bind to the character, and will not be available to your alt characters. When getting a mount with 80% or higher speed, you will have to go to your mount and activate this speed. Also, once you have a faster mount activated, you can switch to any mount you like and have the higher speed. Try to get a mount with Wanderers Fortune. This will give a chance to drop refinement stones with every kill. These refinement stones can be used to refine your gear. It is a slow process, but they are free drops.

You can get a max 100,000 rough astral diamonds (rAD) per day. You can run random dungeons and skirmishes for rAD. The first run gives the most rAD, with much less rAD for each additional run. rAD gets converted to AD over time. Selling items on the AH will also give AD, though there is a fee for using this service.

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