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Level 70
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22nd Oct 2017

Once you reach level 70, the real grind begins. At this point you should have made it through much of the quests, and likely have started the campaigns. Your main focus here is to complete the campaigns to get your boons, and farming the end game gear. This is where your character builds become important. Use sites like to find a build for your class that fits your play style. Look for gear that will enhance your character stats. You can get a free respec token from Sybella in Protector's Enclave if you are not happy with your current build. And don't forget you can have 2 build outs for free. One for solo and one for dungeons, or one for PvE and one for PvP, or any combination you like.

You can get your first free artifact weapon by completing Spinward Rise in the Elemental Evil campaign. This will give you the Elemental Fire weapon for your main hand. You get the Elemental Fire off hand item can be obtained at level 70 by completing the Protector's Emissary quest from Sgt Knox. But, honestly the Primal weapons are much better and fairly easy to obtain from running Random Intermediate Queue.

Pick up an epic shirt and pants for your class. These have slots for enchantments. They run about 8k AD on the AH, or can be bought in Mantol Derith shop with demonic ichor. You can gain demonic ichor by doing demonic heroic events in Well of Dragons and Dread Ring. Demogorgon also grants this resource.

Try to get at least rank 7 enchants for all slots to start. You will be aiming to get max rank enchants eventually to max out your item level.

Obtain level 70 epic gear if you have not already been saving up. Grind, grind, grind. Grind dungeons, grind skirmishes, grind daily quests in the campaign areas, grind heroics, grind dragonflights. Get the idea? Or just grind astral diamonds and buy something off the auction house. Don't forget your AD can be converted to Zen also through the exchange (if this ever gets fixed).

AD farming. Make sure to run weekly campaign quests on each of your toons. Arcane Reservoir (Sharandar), The Red Wizards (Dread Ring), Protecting the Portal (Well of Dragons), Ballad of Baphomet (Underdark), Biggrin's Tomb (Icewind Dale), and Storming the Castle (Stronghold) will all give each toon 4500 AD per week.

Latest mod changed how we farm AD. You will have to run random dungeons and skirmishes now. These can be repeated for much less AD gain after the first run through. Kessels Retreat and Shores of Tuern end chests do not require a key, so these are good runs for gear to salvage for rAD. The Dread skirmish will also give a free chest at the end for a chance to gain a companion. You may hear folks running salvage runs in these areas, or sometimes in Demogorgon for the ring drops.

Running epic dungeons will provide you with more epic gear to use or for salvage into refinement points, and a chance at an artifact. Don't forget to check the ground after every boss fight for drops.

Another great way to earn AD is by resource farming. Go to the Generalist shop at the stronghold. There you can buy maps with guild marks that will lead you to resources in various areas. The resources found with these maps can be sold on the AH for some big gains at times. The best way to do this is during a 2x professions event. Activate the Treasures boon to get 4 resources each time.

Suggestion for stronghold growth. At login, go through and gather the available daily quests. Run through the 5 heroics to get max of 400 influence. Hop over to Sharandar, Dread Ring, and Icewind Dale to gather the daily quests. You can stack these for a few days and complete them all at once. When you have completed these campaigns, you can make vouchers from the resources gained in these areas. The vouchers are worth more than donating the fey, dark, or frozen resources directly. There is the chance the developers will expand the guild hall levels one day.

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