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Dragonflight tips
Forum » Forums » Neverwinter Gameplay Tips
Joined: 8th Oct 2017
Rank: Guild Leader
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26th Oct 2017

Dragonflight (DF) is a special stronghold event that can be started for free every 2 hours. There are bells that can be bought on the AH that will also start a DF event. Every player regardless of level should join when there is a DF announced. You can earn vouchers for the guild, dragon fangs to buy dragonflight gear in the stronghold, and strongboxes that can be opened with keys purchased on the AH, although some strongboxes are not worth opening. 

1 - DF event lasts for 10 minutes. Once a dragon if killed, the other dragons will fly away in 60 seconds. Therefore, you can get up to 11 minutes to kill all 4 dragons. 

2- There is a limit of 40 people that can join a DF event, so you may want to arrive before the start. 

3 - If there are 20 people attacking one dragon it will become immune. For that reason there will usually be 2 or more kill groups assigned during a DF. Commonly, melee characters will be assigned the red dragon, and ranged characters will be assigned the green dragon. Support characters like paladins and clerics should split between the 2 main dragon. It is best to have one strong tank at each dragon. 

4 - Here is where each dragon can be found on the stronghold map. Red dragon is upper left, Blue dragon is upper right, Green dragon is lower right, Black dragon is lower left. 

5 - Dragon empowers need to be killed ASAP. Normally, the DPS will attack the empowers while the tank keeps the dragon's focus. Healers assist the tank to stay alive. 

6 - Watch the dragon health on the right side of the screen. Once any dragon drops to 5% health, everyone needs to stop attacking. The host will instruct when it is time to kill the dragons. At 5% health, everyone at the red dragon will move to the blue dragon and everyone at the green dragon will move to the black dragon. There should be one or two strong players willing to stay the red and green dragons for the kill. You may see the host asking for someone to "secure" red or green, and that means that person will stay to finish off those dragons. 

7 - Blue dragon will kill all players at times. This can be prevented some by avoiding the use of defender companions. Just release and get back in the fight. 

8 - You may die, and die often during a dragonflight. If you die, just release and return for the fight. It is not worth the time for other players to stop attacking to resurrect your character. 

9 - You can get a trophy on PSN for killing all 4 dragons. 

10 - Have fun and enjoy the killing.

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Forum » Forums » Neverwinter Gameplay Tips
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