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Welcome to Go Puck Yourself (GPY)

We are a friendly guild of active adult players on the PS4. We are a member of Bend the Knee Alliance GH 20. We are also GH 20. We have 12 guild boons to choose from, and have these at max level. If you are an active player looking to join a strong community of helpful guildmates, then please give us a try. We run Dragonflights, Marauder, and T3 Influence runs. We run end game dungeon runs. 

We hope you enjoy playing Neverwinter as much as we do. This site is to help new and old players alike. New members please refer to the Information for New Members tab in the Forum list for information. This will include some basic expectations for all guild members to help the guild be successful and grow. 

We are open to all classes, but we are looking for level 70 players with item level 12k and above. Nothing against lower levels, but we need players that are active and know their way around. We are not here to give you free gear or to power level all your characters. We all did it the hard way by grinding through each of the campaigns. This will make you a more complete player, so enjoy the grind. 

Please take a minute to register using your PSN name so we know who you are. This will also allow us to give you rank on the forums equivalent to your guild rank. 

If you would like to join our guild, please message one of our leaders or co-leaders in game. @dad666killjoy, @melsangel, @UT4WD.

Have fun and remember to tell all your friends,

Go Puck Yourself
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